Technical Information


The Home Control Solution combines control of different systems into a single point of control

Use any of these:

  • iPad
  • iTouch
  • iPhone
  • Windows Tablet (or PC or Laptop)
  • Android Tablet (coming soon)

To control these:

  • lighting
  • blinds and windows
  • home theatre
  • multi-room home audio
  • security system
  • air conditioning and floor heating


The C-Bus system is a microprocessor based control system specifically design to control lighting and other electrical services and to interface with third party devices such as audio/video equipment, heating and air conditioning systems.

Home Theatre/Multi-room Home Audio

Home Theatre, also commonly called Home Cinema, are home entertainment set-ups that seek to reproduce a movie theatre experience and mood with the help of video and audio equipment in a private home. Home Theatre receivers, depending on the model, can also support up to four additional zones. This means you can listen to music in other areas of the house, as well having the home theatre experience.

Touch Screen

Software programs Homegate and Zeus running on a PC based Microsoft Windows touch screen or tablet allows all the devices in the house to be controlled by a graphical user interface designed for simplicity of use. The interface allows for multiple user pages and provides the ability to navigate between the pages.

Security System

The security system allows you to secure your home with various detectors and read switches on door and windows. At glance the touch screen interface shows widows or doors have been left open by a visual representation on the screen.


The Network is how the home control system communicates. The Network provides cabled connection of fixed devices such as the home theater, lights, blinds and windows; and wireless connection of devices such as the iPad, Android or Windows Tablets, Computers and iPhone.

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