Home Control FAQ

What is Home Control?

Home automation and home control generally refer to the technology that aids and enhances everyday life through the automation of routine tasks, be it opening the curtains, activating the lights or more complex tasks. Ultimately home control is about making your home work for you, improving your overall comfort, convenience, safety and security. Each of the following can be integrated in to home control:

  • Lighting Appliances
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Entertainment
  • Security System
  • Communications
  • Irrigation
  • Pool and Spa.

What is Lighting Control?

Lighting control is often one of the most visible elements in home control. The effective use of lighting in the home can add significantly to the overall appearance of room layouts, creating the perfect ambiance for every occasion with the clever use of lighting scenes, dimming, and light level sensors.

What is a Scene?

Scenes are created by controlling things such as light levels, audio, or heating and air conditioning within a room and pre-programming them to work in unison, thus creating a specific mood or environment within the room.

Common scenes may include setting just the right amount of light and closing the blinds for your home theatre; or activating a "welcome home" scene on a remote control as you pull into your driveway, having your pathway, front porch and hallway lights turn on with your favorite music playing in the hall.

What are Touch Screens?

Touch Screens offers an elegant and flexible alternative to controlling your C-Bus control system. Whether you are controlling your entire home's lighting, home theatre & multi-room audio, air conditioning, security, sprinkler system or almost anything else you can imagine, touch screens will allow complete home control in a simple format that is personalized with you in mind.

Any of the following can be used for your touch screen controller:

  • Windows Tablet
  • iPad, iPhone or iTouch
  • PC or Laptop
  • Android Tablet (coming soon)

Larger touch screens are usually wall-mounted, and a second controller such as an iPod Touch gives you mobility.

How can Occupancy Sensors improve my home's energy efficiency?

Lighting accounts for approximately 25% of the electric bill in the average NZ home. How do we reduce this drain on our energy resources? Occupancy sensors can reduce lighting costs by up to 50% in rooms where lights are frequently left on when no one is around. Their basic functions identify when someone is in a room, turn lights on when someone enters, and turn lights off when movement hasn't been detected for a while. These sensors can be mounted on the wall just like a light switch or installed in the ceiling.

What are Light Level Sensors?

Occupancy sensors also include an ambient light-level sensor feature, which can be set to automatically turn lights off when natural light within the room is sufficient. Alternatively, it can allow lights to be turned on when natural light is limited.

When should I start thinking about Home Control?

Installation requirements of a C-Bus home control system are similar to those of a conventionally wired home. Therefore it is important to express your preferences to you installer before any major building or renovation takes place. This will ensure that they have sufficient time to work with the builder or architect and can guarantee the best results.

How do I get the most out of Home Control?

C-Bus® home control can dramatically improve your lifestyle and the way that you enjoy your home. But with a world of possibilities, how do you make sure that you're getting exactly what you need? A good start is to write down any ideas that you may already have for you home.

Consider who will be using the system from day to day and what added convenience would make your life easier. For example:

A "goodnight" button that turns everything off when you go to bed?

A "watch DVD" button that activates your home cinema and dims your lights when you watch a movie?

A "goodbye" button upon leaving the home, so that you can be rest assured that all power is off?

Your installer will also be a great resource for personalizing your home to your every need.

What is C-Bus®?

C-Bus is a lighting control and building automation system that was first developed in Australia in the mid 90’s and has since been used in tens of thousands of installations world-wide.

The C-Bus system is a microprocessor based wiring system specifi cally design to control lighting and other electrical services. Whether it’s ON/OFF control of a lighting circuit, an analogue or digital form of control such as dimming electronic fluorescent ballasts; C-Bus can control and automate virtually any type of electrical load.

Flagship commercial projects include:

  • Brisbane Magistrates Court
  • Wembley Stadium
  • Hilton, Sofitel and Westin Hotels
  • Sydney Opera House
  • Stadium Australia
  • McLaren F1 Headquarters
  • Manchester Stadium
  • The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)
  • 10 Downing Street in London.

What is the C-Bus Approved Installer Program?

C-Bus Approved Installers have been trained and accredited by Schneider as specialists in C-Bus technology and its application. This is the first stage in the C-Bus accreditation process and can lead to Point One or Platinum Partner status.

From system design, through to installation, then on to programming and commissioning, a C-Bus Approved Installer will ensure that your C-Bus system reaches its full potential, delivering the best performance, functionality and most of all, value for money.

Any building, whether it’s a home or a commercial site, is a big investment. Don’t risk compromising the outcome with just anyone. Insist on a C-Bus Approved Installer and get confidence and peace of mind in knowing that you have the backing of Schneider.

Teltrac Communications is a C-Bus Approved Installer.

What is the C-Bus Point One Program?

C-Bus Point One is a group of specialist systems integration companies that have the technical knowledge and practical experience on a whole range of complimentary technologies to enhance the functionality of your residential premises. The one point of contact, C-Bus Point One members make residential lighting control and automation applications an easier process.

They do this by providing turnkey solutions for the design, project management, installation, integration, programming and support of Schneider C-Bus and integration with products from third party manufacturers.

C-Bus Point One members are accredited integration professionals, who have been trained in all aspects of the Schneider C-Bus system, with some having over 30 years of industry experience.

Teltrac Communications has 20 years of industry experience nationally, based in Christchurch since 1991.

Teltrac Communications is a C-Bus Point One member.

What is the C-Bus Platinum Program?

The aim of the C-Bus Platinum program is to link Schneider clients who have a commercial building project to a network of professionals who are able to successfully deliver a complete C-Bus Control and Management System, including integration to other building services.

From design to integration, installation and programming, C-Bus Platinum partners can assist commercial developers, consultants and designers throughout the project delivery process. This ensures a smooth delivery process with the highest quality C-Bus installation for your commercial building.

Teltrac Communications is a C-Bus Platinum Partner.

What is Sympholux?

Sympholux is a smarter, greener building management system.

Sympholux works by optimizing natural light and implementing dimmers, timers, occupancy and motion sensors that will both cut the energy costs and minimize the amount of harmful emissions in the air.

Save as much as 60% on operating and maintenance costs and increase the value of your building, installing Sympholux Lighting Control.

Achieve ultra-effective operation and management as Sympholux Lighting Control is easy to install and change.

Enhance comfort, morale and productivity in offices equipped with lighting control and personal dimming controls.

Creates inspiring aesthetics using lighting control to beautify the architecture and interiors.

Sympholux is used in Commercial applications, Retrofit renovations & newly built buildings such as offices buildings, universities, institutions, data centers, shopping malls, infrastructures, factories and hotels.

What is Wiser Home Control?

The Wiser Home Controller seamlessly connects many different technologies such as lighting control, security, air conditioning, audiovisual equipment, media players, irrigation systems, motorised blinds and curtains, and a whole lot more, creating a seamless solution that the whole family can use and enjoy.

Wiser provides consistent and intuitive control for everything you want to control. You get the same look and feel on every device, any time, anywhere; from a home computer or even a mobile device. Lights are operated with a light bulb icon, music by a speaker icon and irrigation by a tap icon. You can turn on your air conditioner from your mobile phone on the way home, or check everything is turned off over the Internet when you get to work. But it’s not just about controlling it with Wiser, your home can make things happen automatically according to your lifestyle and routine.

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