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Integriti’s multicontroller architecture allows any number of Integriti security controllers to be combined within the one Integriti front end software package.  The entire system appears as a single enterprise system, with an infinite number of doors, areas, zone inputs and outputs.  Users and permissions need only be programmed once.

 The ISC controller has 16 zone inputs, 2 auxiliary relay outputs, on board switch mode power supply, RJ45 ethernet port, RS-485 sub-LAN port, modem, internal & external siren outputs. A variety of I/O and access control expansion cards can be connected directly to the ISC controller via unibus.




21100 Integriti Prisma Terminal

The Integriti Prisma Keypad provides a stylish and simple keypad to control the Integriti system.

Featuring a full colour LCD screen, and a simple to use icon, function key and scroll wheel navigation system, the Prisma keypad provides a delightful user experience.

End users can perform simple functions such as arming and disarming areas, isolating zones, and reviewing event history all accessible via the full colour graphic display.


  • Contemporary slimline surface mount design
  • Full colour LCD backlit screen
  • Large – easy to read text
  • Icon & Scroll wheel navigation system
  • Function keys for quick item selection
  • Scrollable display for menus and lists
  • Light sensitive auto dimming LCD backlight
  • Variable colour RGB keypad backlight
  • Logged off temperature display
  • 8 LED indicators for Area status display
  • 8-bit digital sound tones
  • Instant help text available anytime, at the press of a key
  • Programmable panic key and duress option






    Integriti Management Software

    The Integriti System Management Software Suite is a true enterprise class solution, designed from the ground up for the internet age. Leveraging the very latest platforms and technologies, Integriti software is a world-class product that packages guaranteed reliability, scalability and performance, delivered in a way that will change the game forever!

    User programming offers spectacular flexibility with features like nested user types, granular additional permissions and virtually unlimited permission groups, and that is just the beginning!

    Large numbers of doors and areas can be assigned directly to individual users or alternatively multiple lists and groups can be employed without restriction.

    User specific "Allow" or "Deny" options are available on most system entities such as doors and areas, and the ability to qualify permissions using the state of almost any object in the system will allow system administrators to program permissions using simple "Who, What and When" access rules.

    Whether a system has just one door on one site or ten thousand doors across 50 sites, simply program users and doors as required and the software manages the data stream to individual Controllers invisibly to the user.

    As a native 64-bit cluster-aware application, Integriti software adheres to current IT industry best practices, enabling system administrators to leverage the very latest computer hardware and virtual machine environments, without restrictions, without caveats and without excuses.

    The Integriti System Management Software has been designed to make the task of commissioning single or multi-site systems as easy as possible, with automatic discovery of Controllers and LAN modules followed by a one click enrolment.


    • Simple Who, What and When access rules
    • Extremely flexible user permission programing
    • Easily manage small or large systems
    • Customised views and layouts on a per operator basis
    • 32 or 64 bit cluster aware application
    • Supports virtual computing environments
    • All automated tasks can be scheduled
    • Forensic Audit trail times-stamps every programming change made in the system
    • Changes can be rolled-back and re-created as they were at any time in the past
    • Streamlined system commissioning
    • Powerful new script based macro logic provides simple solutions for sophisticated problems
    • Input and Output Analogue Values can be passed around the system and incorporated into any of the Macro Logic processes.
    • High Level CCTV integration


    Download the Integriti brochure here

    Please click here to request a no obligation quotation including installation costs.

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