Through the combination of innovative ideas and network convergence technologies, Ericsson-LG provides the connectivity that eliminates barriers in the exchange of information, helping customers realise users’ full potential.

By combining LG’s and Ericsson’s research and development talent, they’ve given their enterprise, and their wireless, optical and wireline products, a particular pedigree that makes them a strong, unique player in the industry. SMBs and LMBs can rely on Ericsson-LG to support their connectivity needs through a comprehensive portfolio of solutions.

These solutions have helped them achieve success around the globe, consolidating their competitive position in traditional markets, and identifying high-potential growth opportunities in newer ones. Their end-to end solutions directly help the businesses and economies they serve, spur people to communicate and collaborate more effectively, and streamline processes to help customers bring innovative multimedia services to market.

e-MG80 System

Perfect for small to medium sized businesses, this powerful, feature-rich system and has VOIP, automated attendant and voicemail built- in. With the scope and capacity to grow and evolve as your business does likewise, the versatility of the e-MG80 system package means you’ll be able to enhance your system in the future without having to throw away existing hardware.

iPECS UCP Call Server

Ideally suited to medium-to-large scale operations, this modular based system provides easy expansion, while the host of features, including voicemail to email, mobile extension, VOIP compatibility and call recording, ensure this is a system which will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your business’s communications.

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