Every network must be managed. The question is HOW?

Many organizations strive to better align IT with their business operations. Those who succeed have a high degree of flexibility that allows them to change their business strategies to adapt to global, economic, and market trends – which can change quickly and often.

A better-managed network starts with a better understanding of what network management actually is – and there are several dimensions to effective management. First, successful businesses must be able to depend on IT infrastructure that's fast, flexible and able to adapt quickly to fast-changing market trends in our 24-hour world.

At the same time, these businesses must also minimize expensive downtime. Considering that almost a third of downtime can be attributed to human error, a better-managed network should display greater independence and intelligence, proactively alerting administrators to small problems before they become big problems and expensive downtime.

On top of all this, a better-managed network must bend the cost curve to its advantage, both in the short and long term. This means reducing the network's energy and space requirements as well as mapping out an intelligent upgrade path. A better-managed network must deliver all these advantages so your business can stay ahead of a fast-changing marketplace – and ahead of the competition. Fortunately, there is a solution that can deliver a better-managed network right now.

That solution is imVision from CommScope.

The solution: imVision, the intelligent, dynamic management solution.

Now CommScope offers imVision, the intelligent approach to infrastructure management that gives you unprecedented control over your network – and the flexibility you need to thrive in today's business landscape. It's more than a smart IT solution; it also makes good business sense. Your imVision investment can quickly pay for itself through reduced downtime, energy and maintenance costs. imVision combines intelligent software and hardware, enabling you to:

  • Ensure tighter security throughout your network
  • Locate devices – and problems – on your network in less than 60 seconds
  • Enhance change management
  • Simplify audits and compliance
  • Improve process efficiency
  • Increase operational efficiency, uptime and productivity
  • Monitor and control all sites globally from one location
  • Automate existing workflow

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