Molex Structured Cabling System

The Category 6 performance standard is now well established as the premium performance level for structured Cabling. It is used for enterprises that require high speed data transmission for normal business applications.

The PowerCat™ 6 range of Category 6 UTP compliant products provide a high performance end-to-end UTP copper solution, designed to meet and exceed all relevant international performance standards, including TIA/EIA 568-B.2-1, ISO/IEC 11801 and AS/NZS 3080.  Consisting of cable, patch panels, patch cords and work area modules, the PowerCat 6 solution provides a significant leap in performance and data transmission capability when compared to Category 5e.

Highlights of the PowerCat 6 solution:

  • Total end-to-end horizontal cabling solution
  • Compliant to TIA/EIA 568-B.2-1, ISO/IEC 11801 and AS/NZS 3080
  • Superior headroom to that of Category 5e performance
  • Backwards compatible with Molex Category 5e systems – ensuring support for legacy applications
  • Independently tested and verified

Superior product performance

The PowerCat 6 solution utilises our RJ-45 DataGate Plus connector technology. The DataGate Plus connector features a patented ‘spring-loaded shutter’ providing protection from dust and contaminants, and the patented V-shaped IDC contacts improve installation speed and enhance cable retention.  Designed to support high speed networks, cable and patch cords are available in both PVC or LS0H sheaths and an angled patching solution is available to support high density installations where communications room space is limited.

Independently tested
To ensure that our product consistently performs to the optimum performance we partnered with Intertek ETL SEMKO - the world’s largest product and commodities testing organisation - to objectively test and verify the Channel and Link performance of the PowerCat 6 solution.  Every 3 months, ETL randomly purchase Molex Category 6 products off the open market and tests them in channel environments to verify performance to the TIA/EIA 568-B and ISO/IEC 11801 standards. This testing is completed independently of Molex and in the event that any products fail, ETL verification status is removed. Our continuous affiliation to this program provides a further safety net to our customers, ensuring they always receive the best quality product.

Molex Cat 6A Structured Cabling System

Traditionally unshielded cabling solutions have been the system of choice in many markets. However, due to the 10-fold increase in data transmission requirements to support 10GBase-T applications, the implementation of a Category 6A cabling systems is significantly more complex than its predecessors and brings with it a number of issues relating to cabling layout and design, containment and alien crosstalk. The only effective way to counter these issues whilst still maintaining high-speed data transfer is via a shielded Category 6A solution.

Molex’s PowerCat™ 6A solution has been developed with the highest performing capabilities in mind. With improved data transmission over higher frequencies and enhanced noise suppression - why compromise? Our solution has been meticulously designed to provide the most advanced alien crosstalk mitigation and an insertion loss that surpasses all unshielded systems.

The Technology

By adopting a Category 6A shielded solution, the traditional implementation challenges faced when using unshielded are significantly reduced - alien crosstalk, cost of pathways and spaces, and the building infrastructure design. Shielded solutions bring about exceptional reliability at extreme speeds with greater bandwidth and headroom. Termination time of shielded products, once considered cumbersome, is now dramatically reduced mainly due to smaller cable diameter, improved cable management, tooling and connector technology.

Molex’s Category 6A Solution

To provide a superior performing network solution, we have developed our shielded product range. The Molex Category 6A shielded solution is designed specifically for high speed data transmissions demanding little room for error, whilst offering exceptional alien crosstalk suppression, excellent insertion loss and protection against Electromagnetic Interference (EMI).
Die-Cast shuttered Datagate™ Connector
The PowerCat 6A die-cast Shielded RJ45 Connector is the cornerstone of the PowerCat 6A System offering superior alien crosstalk mitigation and insertion loss. The spring loaded shutter means that it not only protects from dust and contaminants, but also ejects improperly seated or damaged patch cords.

Patch Panels

Robust 24 and 48 port panels supplied with equally robust cable management trays for cable strain relief and uniform cable dressing. The angled panel design provides enhanced port access and minimizes patch cord bend radius whilst eliminating the need for horizontal rack managers, thus allowing higher port density in racks - ideal for Data Center applications.

U/FTP Cable

Specifically designed to support 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GBase-T), this high performance cable minimizes alien crosstalk and provides excellent signal isolation whilst eliminating the effects of EMI.

Patch Cords

Made from high quality shielded four pair 26AWG stranded wire and available in a range of colors and lengths, the PowerCat 6A shielded patch cords are pre-terminated with RJ45 shielded plugs and feature over-molded anti-snag strain relief boots.

Highlights of the Molex PowerCat™ 6A Solution:

  • 360° shielded connection with the die-cast shielded DataGate connector
  • Protection - the unique spring loaded DataGate connector shutter not only protects against dust, contaminants and unwanted ingress, but also ejects improperly seated or damaged patch cords
  • Reliability - cable management features help reduce stress on cables and maintain consistent performance
  • Excellent performance - end-to-end shielded solution for the support of Category 6A Systems

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